Pulp Fiction…..

Have you ever watched the movie, “Pulp Fiction”?  I remember        walking out of the movie theater with our friends, and like normal  after a movie, we were talking about whether we liked it or not.  To my  disbelief, I was the only one who LOVED it!  I have to say, I was a little nervous to tell the haters how much I got it.  Why did I get it? I live in pulp fiction daily.  So why I am bringing up pulp fiction on my first CrossFit Meridian blog?  So that all of you understand where my amateur beginnings of blogging are coming from.

So what is ‘Pulp Fiction’?

It is a narrative presented out of sequence.  Nonlinear narrativedisjointed narrative or disrupted narrative.  Wherein events are portrayed out of chronological order. It is often used to mimic the structure and recall of human memory but has been applied for other reasons as well.  Nonlinear storytelling.

Trust me when I say, as you read this blog, you will find at times it has a severe case of pulp fiction.

On that note:  Welcome to the blog of CrossFit Meridian!  This blog will be based on CrossFit, CrossFitters, Nutrition and the personal, raw opinions (thanks Angie) and passions I have on living a healthy lifestyle.


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