The Plague! No, just the cold/flu season…

It has started again. Cold and flu season is here. It feels like everywhere I go people are sneezing and coughing. We have noticed members missing for days at a time only to discover that they have been hit with the sniffles, fever, chills, body aches or just a nasty cough. I can speak for the whole community and say that we all  appreciate those that stay home when they are currently a walking germ dispenser.

Once you have had contact with the bacteria or virus, the micro-organisms start multiplying in your body very soon, often only after a few hours.  You can start to feel the symptoms in as little as 8 to 12 hours, but it usually takes a few days for you to notice you have been infected.

We’ve all had that “uh-oh” feeling, when you know that something is up.  Steps to avoid a Cold or Flu…

Avoid Sick People and Crowds

This is the most important tip on this whole list.  Avoid infection by avoiding infected people.

Keep Your Fingers OUT of Your Nose, Mouth and Eyes

Which leads to…

Wash Your Hands More Often

Washing your hands with soap and water will kill the virus and wash it away, before it has a chance to infect you.

Get Your 8 Hours of Sleep

Get lots of sleep. If you start to feel run down, skip your workout. Go to bed early. Sleep has been linked to immune function and how well we can battle the cold and flu virus.


Hopefully due to our ultimate awesomeness most of us will make it through this season unscathed. For everyone else, we hope to see you back when you are all better


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