Part 1 of Intensity and Mental Acuity….

Say NO to easy, breezy workouts!   “It is effort and sweat and pushing past current capacities that force gains.”  “The big gains occur when the body is taken past capacity-only then are muscles forced to grow and only then is the body forced to burn its stored body fat.”


Let’s take a minute and talk about pain:    I’m not talking the kind of pain you feel when you burn your hand on the stove; a more accurate phrase for training pain would be ‘intense momentary discomfort’.  You all know what I’m talking about here!  While training-induced pain can be harsh and painful during the actual exercise, this pain goes away when we finally stop moving and leaves no permanent debilitation.  Even though many would argue that after they just completed “Fran” or “Murph”.  In fact, this temporary discomfort is beneficial and without it the chances for athletic improvement of some type or kind are virtually impossible.   Do you really think you are going to magically become stronger/faster/leaner in response to fun, easy, breezy workouts?  That is delusional.


Training and nutrition are always mentioned in the same breath:  there is no separating the training from the eating.  “Optimal nutrition amplifies training results.


More to come….


One response to “Part 1 of Intensity and Mental Acuity….

  1. The way I look at my workouts is this-

    I truly love the comraderie and fraternization of the people that I attend crossfit with. However; I reserve the conversationalist in me to before or after the WOD.

    What bonds me with my crossfit brothers and sisters is when we all share the challenge and pain, the effort and toil, the grunts and groans and the raining of sweat drops under our faces as we drop down to do another burpee. I feel a special bond with these people that I cannot describe to just anybody. I respect and applaud the person that puts in 100% or more. They may not be able to deadlift 450lbs off the floor, they may only be able to do 5 pull ups instead of 50 but when they put the EFFORT into each and every excersize I admire them as if they just did number 500 pull up. They are althetes in every sense of the word.

    I pay good money to have the ability to be challenged at the Crossfit workouts. I dont like it when I dont get what I pay for. Why would I cheat myself by not putting in maximum effort?

    I (me) get out of Crossfit what I put into Crossfit. The reason I attend Crossfit is so that I may maximize my athletic gains in a challenging environment. I want to look strong, be strong, stay strong. I want to do this as quickly as possible. I attend crossfit because I know that singularly, I cannot muster myself to push beyond the limits of comfort into pain. I know that reaching beyond the threshold of exertion to the point of (temporary) pain is where the magic happens.

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