Biggest Loser and CrossFit…


CrossFit: The Biggest Loser or the Biggest Winner in 2012


CrossFit and The Biggest Loser

Without a doubt, CrossFit has been on a tear.  In less than a decade, over 2500 gyms have been certified and affiliated with CrossFit, and the number of people who participate in CrossFit workouts is on the order of 500,000.

The prize money for the first CF Games in 2007 was $500 compared to the staggering $250,000 for the top male and female finishers at the 2011 Games – Thank you Reebok (source – Social WOD)

But what will the future bring?  Can CrossFit continue to attract new gyms and will those gyms be able to grow as profitable businesses?

One interesting twist will be to see what the combination of CrossFit and The Biggest Loser provides.

What am I talking about?  Check out this series of tweets about CrossFit and The Biggest Loser from trainer Bob Harper:

CrossFit and The Biggest Loser

Luckily, the season premiere of CrossFit and The Biggest Loser is Tuesday, January 3rd.  Will this be a positive or a negative for CrossFit and their affiliates?

Any predictions

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