Simple Truth #1….Quality Nutrition


If you plant tomato seeds in your garden you are going to get tomatoes.  You are NEVER going to get an oak tree.  You cannot change the tomatoes GENETICS.  But, if you water the tomatoes with pure clean water, feed the tomato organic compost and mulch as they grow and plant the seeds where they will get the most sunlight, you are going to grow AMAZING TOMATOES!  Genetics you cannot change, it’s water under the bridge, but a healthy environment will have a HUGE IMPACT on your RESULTS.

We cannot change our genetics.  What is done is done.  But YOU can change your ENVIRONMENT and  your LIFESTYLE, and this will DRAMATICALLY CHANGE your level of HEALTH and your resistance to disease.

If you feed yourself more pure water and fresh juices instead of soda and beer, if you feed yourself more healthy, nutritious food instead of junk food and candy and if you create a healthier lifestyle and environment, YOU WILL PREVENT DISEASES, PREVENT YOUR GENETIC FLAWS AND LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE!


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