Pop Quiz Hot Shot….

See if you can test your knowledge of CrossFit with this short quiz.

1. A thruster is a combination of a front squat and a_____________.

2. True or False: your squat stance will vary greatly depending on whether you’re doing an air squat or a front squat.

3. CrossFit’s three tenets are: variety, functional movements, and ____________.

4. CrossFit’s three types of exercises are: monostructural (running, rowing, etc.), weightlifting & throwing (back squat, kettlebell swing, etc.) and __________________.

5. The difference between a power clean and a clean is____________________.

6. Name the Olympic lifts.

7. In rowing, the order of the stroke when starting should be ___________, then ____________, then _____________, and then the exact opposite when returning the handle.

8. Who was the male champion of the 2009 CrossFit Games? Bonus, in what city were the 2009 CrossFit Games held?

9. Name a Girl WOD that is a couplet which combines a weightlifting movement with a monostructural movement.

10 Name a Girl WOD that is a single modality weightlifting movement.

Post your answers to the comments.


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