Stay Tight, Double Breath and Squat….

In one of Tony Gentilcore’s latest videos, he goes over the benefits of “staying tight”. In this short video, Diesel Strength & Conditioning covers the “double breath” to create that tightness.

Before you unrack the weight, take a big, deep belly breath, and get tight. Press into the bar and stand up, but don’t step back yet! Instead stand up and let the plates settle for a second. The more weight you get on the bar, the greater the tendency will be for the plates to “whip” you around. This is a great routine to get into – if you step back immediately when the weights are light, it’s going to throw you off completely when the weights get heavy. After you unrack, setup isn’t complete until you’re actually squatting, so go through one final checklist: Take one more big breath, lift the chest as high as possible (which will “set” your upper and lower back with a slight arch), and “spin” your elbows underneath the bar.

Now you’re ready to squat!


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