32 Simple Ways to be an Awesome Human Being

32 Simple Ways to be an Awesome Human Being
-by Norcal Strength & Conditioning

1. Don’t be a bully and don’t condone it. If you see something uncool, SAY SOMETHING!
2. Teach someone something new. Human interaction speaks louder than Google.
3. Break your routine. Never know who you’ll run into, what you will see or how you will change.
4. Stop talking about yourself.
5. Donate something to a person who truly needs it.
6. Stop yelling. It escalates the situation. Breathe. Talk.
7. Pick one topic per week and learn about it. Have something interesting and new to bring to a conversation.
8. Offer before someone has to ask.
9. Discover a new area. Get out of your own way. See stuff!
10. For one day-week-month, keep all negative comments to yourself. Feel the difference.
11. Be a leader not a preacher. Set a good example.
12. Look people in the eye as you pass them on the street. Smile.
13. Learn about your co-workers.
14. Surprise someone with a gift. Make their day.
15. Leave your “baggage” at home. Negativity breeds negativity.
16. Be inquisitive. Ask others questions about them without waiting for your turn to speak.
17. The big stuff is obvious, remember the little things. They often matter the most.
18. Cook, build or make something from scratch. Even if it tastes bad, looks bad or falls apart, you did it yourself and you’ll do better next time.
19. Turn off the technology. Pay attention to your surroundings and what’s happening NOW!
20. Make a list and accomplish one thing you’ve been putting off each week.
21. Set goals. Write them down. Achieve them.
22. Listen more. Talk less.
23. Remember that when you have a rough day, you’re not the only one.
24. Think about what you say AND how you say it. Body language and tone matters.
25. Make someone else’s problem your problem and do your best to help.
26. Be incredibly nice to everyone for one whole day. Watch the reaction and hope for a chain reaction.
27. Own up to your mistakes and deal with the consequences immediately. Move on.
28. Cut the drama out of your life.
29. Take initiative. Don’t wait to be told to do something.
30. Be a hard worker for yourself but have confidence that others take notice.
31. Ask nicely for things. Say please and thank you.
32. Make time to live life, stop going through the motions of just living.


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