Why Sign Up For the Open…

Why sign up for the Open?

As of press time, 13.4 has been revealed and my guess is; most of you have completed the WOD. You are probably asking yourself “Why did I even sign up for this? I’m not going to the games; I’m not going to be on the team.” I was asking myself those same questions last year.

First of all, everyone who signed up contributed to the success of CrossFit Meridian. CFM was 1 individual short of being the largest NorthWest box to participate, let me repeat that, 1 individual. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. Your participation did make a difference, everyone counted. With more boxes coming into the Boise area, WE – repeat – WE are getting stronger and better every day. Mike Baldwin and Neil Stoner are bringing new members and the atmosphere in the box is awesome. Groups of work-out partners are forming and creating that competitive edge that makes CrossFit so great.
Next item on the agenda, you are going to do the WOD’s, why not sign up? You have a class and peeps you WOD with. Why not sign up and see how you stack up with CrossFitters all over the world? I have friends that CrossFit in other parts of the country. It’s really fun to smoke them in these WOD’s. The programming Rick and Shawna prepare for us is truly world class and it shows with all of our results.

Third, use the Open to expose your weaknesses. Use it as motivation to get better by attacking them! CFM has the resources to make you better. Utilize the coaches, ask the people around the box for advice, take the Saturday morning Oly class, take my Endurance running clinic (selfless plug), stay 10 minutes longer and work on your weaknesses (muscle ups), get a foam roller and work out the kinks in front of your TV. Set goals and make it happen.

My goals are:

Improve Olympic Lifts technique
Run sub 20 min 5k
Sneak into the top 10 at CFM. (Coming for you WODfather)
Point number four, really more of an observation than a point. As a judge, I have had the opportunity to meet other members and be in the box at different times of the day. The effort and enthusiasm people are putting into this has been incredible. Our athletes are really stepping out of their comfort zone and going max effort, crushing it! It has motivated me to go harder.

Finally, we have one more week to go and CFM is in position to send a team to the games. Congrats goes out to our athletes as well as Rick and Shawna. I wish them all the success in Kent and glad to be able to WOD side-by-side with these guys and gals on Saturday mornings. Again, use this year as a tool to identify and attack your weaknesses. If you didn’t sign-up make sure you do next year! Good luck in your final week and look out 14.1! – Endurance Coach Aaron Mann


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